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Our ambition is to transform the lives of patients with improved outcomes and a better quality of life, 通过更有效的治疗和预防, 最终致力于治愈世界上一些最复杂的疾病.

We have a unique R&有好奇心的人被激发出创造性思维的文化. At the same time, we are 利用数据和技术 to fast-forward the pace of our science. 这是一种人们能够无缝地、包容地一起工作的文化, 哪里所有的门都开着, 人才和多样性备受推崇, 每个声音都会被听到. In addition, we are always learning from people who live with the diseases our medicines treat so we can understand their needs and make sure that great science born in the lab can make a real difference to their lives.

It’s by creating and sustaining this culture that we are able to help unlock the power of what science can do.


Our approach to R&D

医疗保健变革的步伐比以往任何时候都要快. 澳门葡京赌博游戏以病人为中心的文化, 从发现到临床试验, treatment delivery, and beyond, is helping us achieve our aim of getting the right medicines to the right patients, 比以往任何时候都快. Within R&D, we continue to help build our business’s reputation for scientific leadership by inspiring people with curious minds, 利用数据和技术, 无缝、包容地工作, 总是向病人学习.


澳门葡京赌博游戏的药物发现和开发以澳门葡京赌博游戏的5R框架为指导, 哪个国家的质量比数量更重要, 并帮助改变了R的文化&D and our business.

In the last decade, we have achieved an almost six-fold improvement in the proportion of pipeline molecules that have advanced from preclinical investigation to completion of Phase III clinical trials – from 4 percent to 23 percent. This improvement moves us well above the current industry average success rate of 14 percent in the 2018-2020 timeframe.*

*内部数据(2017-2021)和药物研究中心(CMR), Clarivate的子公司(2018-2020).  


We are never complacent about scientific discovery and development, always pushing our R&D生产力,寻找新知识和下一个突破.

以“创新增长”战略为指导, 澳门葡京赌博游戏致力于在四个领域进行投资, which will help us in our aspiration to create the greatest and swiftest impact on disease:

三家机构. One aim

澳门葡京赌博游戏有三个以治疗为主的R&D organisations who lead all our work, from discovery through to late-stage development. Oncology R&D的重点是癌症. 澳门葡京赌博游戏R&D on Cardiovascular, 肾与代谢(CVRM)呼吸与免疫学, 疫苗和免疫疗法以及机会主义, Neuroscience. 


这三个组织既独立又合作, sharing Functions specialising in key scientific capabilities from medicinal chemistry to biometrics, 数据科学和人工智能(AI)的患者安全, 以及医疗器械技术的临床创新. All of which help us accelerate discovery and development in our efforts to bring new medicines to patients.

Our R&D组在方法上是统一的, and united in their purpose to deliver life-changing medicines to people who need them most.


澳门葡京赌博游戏知道,无论澳门葡京赌博游戏的科学多么创新, 无论澳门葡京赌博游戏的药物和递送多么有效, 实现澳门葡京赌博游戏想要实现的一切, 澳门葡京赌博游戏不能单独完成. To address all the issues facing healthcare and achieve the scientific breakthroughs we aspire to, 澳门葡京赌博游戏需要共同努力, 澳门葡京赌博游戏之间和他人之间的合作, 把最优秀的人才带到最棘手的问题上.

As a business, our teams are leading the way in creating open research environments that go beyond the usual collaborative models, with academia, biotech companies, industry peers, 医疗保健系统和政府. We have over 2,000 active partnerships and believe it to be a powerful source of transformational potential.

Our Open Innovation programme is designed to offer a permeable research environment where scientists both inside and outside of AstraZeneca can share their ideas and collaborate on projects.


We are committed to empowering the next generation of scientific leaders and to inspiring students across genders, 考虑医疗保健领域的STEM职业.


澳门葡京赌博游戏是一家以科学为导向的企业,在全球拥有强大的影响力, believe that we have a duty of care to help improve people’s health and do as much as we can to contribute to the health of the planet.


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